Between Providence and Choice Biography

Kees van der Knijff
ISBN: 9789492701053 | ISSN: 2666-2434
Pages: 390
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Toward a Reformed Account of Divine Guidance

Many Christians struggle with the topic of divine guidance. Yet, treatments of such guidance often do insuffi cient justice to the theological complexities underneath the practical questions. Therefore, in this book the author develops a Reformed approach to guidance using a systematic theological approach. First, he develops a typology of approaches to guidance in contemporary evangelicalism. This typology uncovers a number of underlying theological questions, which are discussed through extensive interactions with the writings of John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards. Based upon these interactions, the author proposes a Reformed approach to divine guidance in which vocation, wisdom, discernment, and transformation are central concepts. Furthermore, this approach to guidance emphasizes the importance of the Christian community and the ongoing infl uence of the Holy Spirit.