Guy de Brès on the Lord’s Supper as the Focus of his Ministry and Theology

Byunghoon Kang
Series: Nederlandse Kerkhistorische Reeks | Volume: 6
ISBN: 9789492701480 | ISSN: 2666-1373
Pages: 272
€ 39,99

Guy de Bres (ca.1522-1567) was an important figure in the Dutch Reformation. He was the author of the Belgic Confession, which is still among the confessional texts of many Dutch denominations. One of the key points of his choice for Reformed doctrine was the Lord’s Supper. It was ultimately the illegal ministry of this for which he was sentenced to death. This study describes De Bres’ view of the Lord’s Supper as expressed in his writings against the background of the Reformation in the Low Countries.