That which we have seen

Adriaan Neele
ISBN: 9789492701442 | ISSN: 2666-2434
Pages: 232
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Phenomenology and homiletics

This study considers whether phenomenology, as in the French philosophy of the later part of the twentieth century, can be applied fruitfully to the preparation of the sermon or homily. It is structured in two parts: a conceptual foundation that is descriptive and exploratory in nature—assessing and appraising the works of twentieth-century French philosophers of phenomenology, particularly on the reading of Scripture and prayer; and a constructive proposal that identifies the possible limitations of phenomenology in French philosophy and suggests ways in which a contemplative phenomenology may be practiced while preparing a sermon or homily, manifesting itself as a witness, testimony, and confession. A tentative conclusion is reached in the final chapter suggesting the use of phenomenology, with reservations, for the practice of sermon preparation.