Faithful Efforts

Bram de Muynck , Roel Kuiper (ed.)
ISBN: 9789492701343 |
Pages: 148
€ 29,99

This book brings together selected lectures presented at the Education, Formation and the Church conference held in Kampen,
August 2018. The key issue tackled by all contributors is how we can properly understand formation in the formative contexts of school and Church. The urgency of the topic is experienced by many people committed to the faith development of children and young people. Changes in society bring uncertainty and anxiety to churches, schools and families. Some Christian communities are inclined to protect their members from the perceived negative influences of the post-Christian age, while others equip them with tools to become virtuous disciples of Christ in modern society. These all are faithful efforts that seek the best for the future generation. Different responses to the challenges in society affect the various contexts in which formation is at stake, including schools, youth work, catechism and the training of pastors. The reflections in this book are intended to support people involved in these contexts in their future efforts.

Scholars working in the domains of education and practical theology share their perspectives. Contributors are Bram de Muynck, Roel Kuiper, David I. Smith, Trevor Cooling, Bernd Wannenwetsch, Hans Schaeffer, Maarten Kater and Ferdi Kruger.

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