Preaching in Arduous Times

Maarten Kater , Ferdi Kruger
ISBN: 9789492701152 |
Pages: 250
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Outline of Perspectives from the Hebrews Sermon

The overarching research question which is answered in this study by means of several different angles is: ‘What kind of perspectives could an investigation of the Hebrews sermon o er to the homiletical praxis of people living in arduous times?’. This study want to indicate and illustrate that the Hebrews sermon o ers piercing perspectives for the discipline of homiletics and, moreover, the wider field of practical theology, especially dealing with the formative aspects of worship, preaching, and attitudes.
Hebrews is on the God who speaks to us ‘today’ from the very start. But what in the world does it mean when we use this language in our four-dimensional space-time as it is mediated and embodied speech? It turns out that in this canonical sermon many directions for a homiletical theory are to be considered and to process. The three dimensions of time, the value of religious spaces, the art of persuasion, preaching Christ as sacramentum and exemplum which is listener-orientated communication at the same time, the bifurcation of explanation and application, the theology of language.
Moreover, Hebrews is connected with the formation and developing of attitudes in the various spheres as cognitive, affective, behavioural, interpersonal, social and political.

Each time has its arduous aspects. This study aims to stimulate preaching in these times, sometimes within weary and worn -out congregations, and to encourage the fainthearted preachers and listeners by means of a sermon as a song of love.