Receiving the Gifts of Every Member

Koos Tamminga
ISBN: 9789492701114 |
Pages: 300
€ 39,99

A Practical Ecclesiological Case Study on Inclusion and the Church

In Receiving the Gifts of Every Member, Koos Tamminga sheds light on the current debates around ecclesiology and inclusion, by zooming in on the ecclesial practices of one congregation in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Inclusion can mean many things, and using this term does not actually safeguard the interest of the people involved, in this case people with disabilities. Rather than critiquing the terminology of inclusion from an abstract philosophical or theological framework, this study strives to trace the developments of one faith community that formulated an inclusive vision to see how this vision is practiced and developed in real life. This practical-ecclesiological case study is presented against the backdrop of a literature review of the current state of the conversation between theologians and proponents of inclusion. In the final chapter, lessons are drawn with both practical implications for the inclusive practices of church and society, and challenges for further academic research on the topic.