The Ice Broken – I

W.J. Op 't Hof
ISBN: 9789492701091 | ISSN: 2543-0777
Pages: 442
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Puritan Influences on the Netherlands in the Seventeenth Century

Preface by Anthony Milton

It has become increasingly apparent to early modern religious, political, cultural and book-historians that translations provide badly neglected but unique and invaluable insights into the processes of cultural change and exchange. This volume provides a wealth of precious insights into the whole process of translation. The articles shed invaluable light on early modern scholarly practices and careers, cultural exchange and relations, the book trade, and the religious politics of the Dutch Republic. They also make quite clear that the Dutch translation of English Puritan works, and the ways in which this was carried out, are  absolutely crucial to understanding the origins, nature and development of the Dutch Further Reformation.