Amsterdam Studies in Baptist and Mennonite Theology

The Amsterdam Studies in Baptist and Mennonite Theology is an academic platform rooted in the Believers’ Church tradition (Anabaptist-related, Free Church, Peace-Church), ecumenically engaged, and international in orientation. ASBaMT is initiated and administered by the joint chairs of the Baptist Seminary, the Mennonite Seminary, and the International Baptist Theological Study Centre (IBTS), all residing at VU University Amsterdam.



Henk Bakker (James Wm. McClendon Chair for Baptistic and Evangelical Theologies)
Fernando Enns (Chair of Peace-Theology and Ethics)
David Gushee (Chair of Christian Social Ethics)

Editorial Board
David E. Goatley (Duke University, United States)
Stephen Holmes (University of St Andrews, Scotland)
Parush Parushev (IBTS/St. Trivelius Institute Sofia, The Netherlands/Bulgaria)
Helen Paynter (Bristol Baptist College, England)
Anthony G. Reddie (University of Oxford, England)
Astrid von Schlachta (Universität Regensburg, Germany)
Lina Toth (Scottish Baptist College, Scotland)

Books in this series