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A Collegial Bishop Revisited

|Leon van den Broeke|Allan J. Janssen (ed.)
Series: Deddens Kerkrecht Serie / Deddens Church Polity Series |Volume: 4
ISBN: 9789492701145 | ISSN: 2590-0404
Pages: 148
Genre: |Church Polity
Classis and Presbytery at Issue Wherever there are Reformed and Presbyterian denominations in the world,there are classes and presbyteries. The authors in this...
€ 29,99

Faithful Efforts

|Bram de Muynck|Roel Kuiper (ed.)
ISBN: 9789492701343 |
Pages: 148
Genre: |Practical Theology
This book brings together selected lectures presented at the Education, Formation and the Church conference held in Kampen, August 2018. The key issue...
€ 29,99

Greatness & Limits of Common Priesthood in 16th Century Reformation Theology

|Martijn Pouw
Series: Classic Theology and Contemporary Challenges |Volume: 2
ISBN: 9789492701138 | ISSN: 26662434
Pages: 224
Genre: |Systematic Theology
Luther affirmed, in the context of the 16th century, the radical equality of all believers by explicitly referring to the priesthood common to...
€ 34,90

De doorstart van de gereformeerde kerk

|Erik A. de Boer
Series: Nederlandse Kerkhistorische Reeks |Volume: 2
ISBN: 9789492701107 | ISSN: 26661373
Pages: 300
Genre: |Dutch Church History
Kerckboek Campen en correspondentie (1617-1625) Deze uitgave is in hoofdzaak een transcriptie van het eerste bewaard gebleven notulenboek van de gereformeerde Kamper kerkenraad...
€ 29,99

Preaching in Arduous Times

|Maarten Kater|Ferdi Kruger
ISBN: 9789492701152 |
Pages: 250
Genre: |Practical Theology
Outline of Perspectives from the Hebrews Sermon The overarching research question which is answered in this study by means of several different angles...
€ 39,99

Werk in uitvoering

|Gerrit Oomen
ISBN: 9789492701121 |
Pages: 632
Genre: |Political History
Het functioneren van de Tweede Kamer tijdens, voor en na de grondwetsherziening (1840-1853). ‘Er is [in 1848] geene nieuwe staatsinrigting; (…) geen ander...
€ 39,99

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